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Find a holiday
We are dedicated to sourcing fantastic holiday deals for our readers. Choose from a wide range of great-value escorted, non-escorted holidays, short breaks, specialist tours and cruising.

There are a number of ways to find a holiday to suit you:
1) Fill in the search form ‘Search a perfect holiday’ to the left on the Homepage. If you would like to do an advanced search, click on ‘advanced search’ to narrow your search with further criteria.

2) Search for offers by keyword. Type a keyword, i.e. Paris. Please note - Newspaper codes will not work in the search window at the top of the page.

3) If you saw a reader offer ad in either the Guardian, the Observer or any of our magazines, simply type in the code that appeared on the advert into the 'seen an offer in the newspaper' box to find the offer

4) Browse categories in the 'find a holiday' option situated in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Book a holiday
While the Guardian Holiday Offers team provide this website and the facility to book holidays, please note that all bookings and booking requests are made directly with the tour operators.

In the future we hope to be able to offer online booking with all of partners. At present you can book directly online with Riviera Travel, Newmarket Holidays and Travel Editions.

If you wish to make a booking through Brightwater Holidays, VFB Holidays, Cox & Kings or any of our other partners, fill in the booking form and your request will be sent straight to the tour operators. They will then contact you either by phone or email within 24 hours (longer if request is on a weekend) of receiving your booking request to confirm availability, check your details and arrange payment.

Get ideas or inspiration
Read about other customers’ experiences in the ‘Reviews’ section, click on ‘Email sign up’ to register to receive our monthly e-newsletter for suggestions on holidays and details of our latest offers, new tour operators or favourite destinations.

I am having problems trying to book online, what can I do?

Please check the following:

My booking can’t be processed
Have you filled out all necessary fields on the booking form? All questions in the form with a star alongside them must be completed.

I’m unable to pay online
The tour you have selected may be run by a tour operator which is unable to accept online bookings, i.e. Brightwater Holidays, VFB Holidays, Cox & Kings and other partners. Please complete the booking request form and a member of their customer service team will contact with you either via email or telephone to confirm availability, process your booking and arrange payment.

In some instances, tour operators who can accept online bookings like Travel Editions, Newmarket Holidays and Riviera Travel request that customers wishing to travel on certain dates, call them to book. This is usually for trips with limited availability and complex travel arrangements.

The tour operator won’t accept my card payment
All tour operators accept major credit cards and debit cards as forms of payment. If you are experiencing problems please contact the tour operator using the telephone number that appears at the top right-hand side of the booking form.

Depending on how soon you plan to travel, some tour operators will only take deposit payments. The tour operator will be in contact at a later date to arrange full payment.

I have made a booking, what happens next?

Newmarket Holidays, Travel Editions and Riviera Travel
Your booking has been processed so you will automatically receive a confirmation email with your booking reference number and holiday details. The tour operator will be in contact shortly with further information about your trip. In instances where you haven’t made a full payment, the tour operator will be in contact closer to departure to arrange full payment.

Brightwater Holidays, Wild Frontiers, Healthy Holidays, Go Learn To and all other travel partners
By filling in the form, you have sent a reservation request directly to the tour operator. Please note, you have not booked your holiday at this stage. The tour operator will contact you either by the telephone number or email address you provided. They will check availability for your requested dates, process the booking and arrange payment. If you do not hear back from the travel supplier within 24 hours, contact

How do I change the details of my booking?

Please contact the tour operator with whom you have placed the booking to see if this can be arranged.

The contact details of your tour operator can be found in the ‘Our Travel Partners’ section. You will also find their telephone number on the automated reservation request email or confirmation email you receive after filling out the form online.

Special requirements for disabled passengers

Please contact your tour operator who will have in-depth knowledge about the facilities available on the specific tours and assist with any further enquiries.

Can I arrange a single supplement on my trip?

Please check the ‘Included’ tab on the product description page to see whether single supplements are available on certain trips. If you have any further enquiries about this please contact the tour operator directly. Their contact details can be found in the ‘Our Travel Partners’ section of this website.

Do I have to pay online with a credit card?

If you would like to book online, Riviera Travel, Newmarket Holidays and Travel Editions accept major credit and debit cards. They do also accept payment over the telephone or by cheque if you prefer.

All other partners only accept payment over the telephone or by cheque and will contact you to arrange this if you have made a booking reservation request.

I am only able to make a partial payment when I book online, how can I pay in full?

Depending on when you travel, some tour operators will only accept a deposit to be paid. Please contact your tour operator directly to arrange full payment.

I would like to request a brochure

All information about the holiday should be available on the website. If you would still like to receive a brochure, please email the relevant tour operator with your postal address and they will happily send you one with a booking form.

Brightwater Holidays: 0330 333 6701
Go Learn To: 0330 333 6737
Healthy Holiday Company (Destination Yoga, In:Spa and Fitscape): 0330 333 9075
Newmarket Holidays: 0330 333 6731
Riviera Travel: 0330 333 6751
Travel Editions: 0330 333 6761
Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel: 0330 333 6781

How do I contact my tour operator or the Guardian Holiday Offers team?

Contact by phone or email
If you have an enquiry or would prefer to book over the phone please call the relevant tour operator:
Brightwater Holidays: 0330 333 6701
Go Learn To: 0330 333 6737
Healthy Holiday Company (Destination Yoga, In:Spa and Fitscape): 0330 333 9075
Newmarket Holidays: 0330 333 6731
Riviera Travel: 0330 333 6751
Travel Editions: 0330 333 6761
Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel: 0330 333 6781

We would love to hear from you and your feedback both good and bad is always much appreciated.
If you would like to feedback about a specific tour you have recently been on, email your tour operator. If you would like to make a suggestion or if you have any other type of enquiry relating to the Guardian Holiday offers website, please email the team at

The Guardian Holiday Offers team monitors this customer feedback closely and in some instances, we may include your comments on this website.

Am I protected if the tour operator goes out of business?

All of our travel partners are fully vetted and bonded. The details of the licenses they hold can be found below the individual holiday descriptions and on the booking form pages.

To check the validity of bonding licenses, please see:

I have signed up to the Guardian Holiday Offers newsletter but haven't received anything?

The Guardian Holiday Offers e-newsletter is sent to subscribers monthly. You should receive it in the first week of the month.

How will the data I provide on this site be used?

You will find two data collection questions at the bottom of your booking request form. If you have stated that you would like to receive information from Guardian News and Media Ltd, we will send you travel-related information and offers from time to time that we think will be relevant to you.

Please see the privacy policy for full details.

How do I unsubscribe from the Holiday Offers newsletter or GNM Ltd.

Please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your latest e-newsletter. If you experience any difficulty in doing this please email

About Guardian Holiday Offers

The Guardian Holiday Offers team comprises of Kate Getmanskaya, Sofia Rehn and Jon Neill. Our primary goal is to identify destinations and types of holidays we think will most appeal to our readers and regular customers. One of the most important elements of this is identifying a trustworthy tour operator who shares our ethos.

We choose holidays based on the following criteria:

  • Good value for money

  • Excellent customer care

  • Offer travellers something a little unique

  • Operators are fully vetted and bonded

  • Itineraries are well thought-out with guides are experienced

  • Oportunity to travel with like-minded people

  • We find the right offers and travel partners by researching trends in the market, monitoring customer feedback, conducting customer research and assessing the winners of the Guardian travel awards to name a few. Our editorial teams also give us a good sense of what the topical destinations are and what they feel our readers are interested in.

    Once we have found a suitable tour operator we conduct due diligence, monitor their customer service levels and work closely with them to ensure hotels, itineraries and advertising match our readers expectations.

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